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Savor the Taste of Premium Fresh Clams

Our clams are grown from carefully selected genetic stock in highly controlled conditions, assuring the best quality possible.

We primarily grow littleneck clams but topnecks and chowder clam are also available.

Littleneck refers to the size of the most popular grade of clam. They are usually best suited for appetizers and entrees. Generally, the smaller the clam, the more tender it is. This benefit makes smaller clams such as little necks very desirable because they can be served in a variety of ways. The size of the clam is the measurement of the width across its hinge or the thickness of the clam.

We grade our littleneck clams into four sizes:

  1. Buttons:  .75” - .9”
  2. Littlenecks:  .9” – 1.04”
  3. Middlenecks:  1.05” – 1.2”
  4. Greatnecks:  1.2” and larger   

Generally, buttons are used for pastas and sauces while littleneck up to greatnecks are perfect for raw bars, steamers, and clams casino.

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