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Shipping & Logistics FAQ

Shipping & Logistics FAQ S

  • We ship via FedEx Priority Overnight across the United States.
  • You can order 24/7 and schedule your delivery date for any Tuesday-Friday (some exceptions apply). 
  • Must order by 10am EST for same-day shipping (next day delivery).
  • We ship live product in coolers with frozen gel packs. 
  • Unpack products and place in the fridge upon delivery. No fridge? A cooler with ice will do in a bind - make sure your bivalves have a barrier between them and the ice, room to breathe, and are not under the ice. 
  • We suggest ordering for delivery at least 1 business day in advance for special events, and 2 business days in advance for weekend, Monday, or Tuesday events (Thursday delivery recommended for Saturday/Sunday/Monday events, Friday delivery recommended for Tuesday events).   
  • Sometimes FedEx experiences shipping delays. If the gels are still at least partially frozen your product will be safe to consume!