Are you a customer who needs help? 

Please understand that we are real people, so be nice. We do not work 24/7 and will respond during business hours. 

We have A LOT of information on our website. If you can't find it here, reach out to or check out the FAQ section. 

Experiencing a shipping issue? 
We ship temperature sensitive product via FedEx Priority Overnight Services, and while FedEx is usually able to adhere to delivery windows sometimes things happen! A few things to note:

  • Unfortunately (even as the shipper) we do not have access to any more information than what the tracking information shows.
  • If your package is late, but the gel packs are still at least partially frozen your bivalves are safe to consume. 
  • If your package is damaged please send us pictures so we can file a claim with FedEx. 
  • Reach out to or fill out the 'complain about something' form below to (kindly) let us know if you encounter a shipping problem.

For everything else...

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