Wooden Knife W Wooden-Handled CAF Oyster Knife


Designed for comfort and efficiency while keeping beauty in mind, this oyster knife is just as effective as it is pretty! The hand polished rosewood handle is weighted and contoured to fit perfectly in your hand while the pointed, tough stainless steel blade makes quick work of opening oysters. Handcrafted to meet the high standards of professional shuckers, it is perfect for the occasional shucker as well.

Recipe: Roasted Chincoteague Salt Oysters R

While shucking oysters is absolutely an artform worth learning, you don't have to be an expert shucker to enjoy those delectable bivalves. We're sharing another no-shuck oyster recipe! Just a little bit of heat and their muscle loosens rendering them much easier to get in to. The robust flavor of Chincoteague Salts holds up well with a hot herbed butter reductions, but could also be enjoyed naked depending on your preference.

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Note: order with clams and/or oysters and this item will ship for free with your bivalves. Any non-bivalve only orders ship via USPS.

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