Pure Flake Sea Salt P by Barrier Islands Salt Co.


Barrier Islands Salt Co. celebrates the wild & pure waters surrounding Virginia's Barrier Islands with a product that lets you take home a taste of this magical coastal wilderness - and the same waters around Virginia's Eastern Shore that our oysters and clams thrive in!

Recipe: Fried Oysters R

The most difficult part of frying oysters is the shucking if we're going to be honest (which some times of the year is infinitely easier thanks to us offering shucked oyster pints). But it is SO WORTH IT. We love fried oysters by themselves with some extra horseradish-y cocktail sauce and a little spritz of lemon, or atop a fresh bed of greens dressed with a creamy dressing and dustings of dill. Bet you didn't know just how versatile fried oysters could be, did you?

Shipping & Logistics S

Saltmaker David Lee spent years studying centuries old, artisan salt making techniques and applying them to the unique merroir of the wild & pure waters of the Virginia Coast Reserve, a 130,000 nature preserve naturally filtered through thousands of acres of oyster reefs and eelgrass as each tide rushes in and then heads back out to see. They collect water by boat in 60 feet of water eight miles off shore, where the whitecaps of the Atlantic Ocean lick the sandy shore of Cobb Island.

One of CAF's favorite ways to enjoy BIS's Pure Flake Sea Salt is atop fried oysters (made infinitely easier with shucked oyster pints).

Any non-bivalve only order will ship via USPS and you may be billed for shipping chargesseparately.

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