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PREORDER for delivery on 12/21, or 12/28 (just in time for holiday festivities!). 

All the bivalve-y goodness without the hassle of shucking! Grown in the beautiful waters surrounding Virginia's Eastern Shore, we pack the oysters in their own delicious liquor for exceptional flavor.

California Proposition 65 WARNING

Number of Pints

Recipe: Fried Oysters R

The most difficult part of frying oysters is the shucking if we're going to be honest (which some times of the year is infinitely easier thanks to us offering shucked oyster pints). But it is SO WORTH IT. We love fried oysters by themselves with some extra horseradish-y cocktail sauce and a little spritz of lemon, or atop a fresh bed of greens dressed with a creamy dressing and dustings of dill. Bet you didn't know just how versatile fried oysters could be, did you?

Shipping & Logistics S

Pair Shucked pints with any 50/higher count oyster or 100/higher count clam and receive an automatic discount on shucked pints:

1 pint = 5% discount

2 pints = 10% discount

4 pints = 15% discount

Not valid with bulk packs or other already discounted products or collections.

PRE-ORDER BY SUNDAY 4/2 for delivery or pick-up the following THURSDAY 4/6

Once received, unpack your oysters and store in the refrigerator until you're ready to eat them. Consume them by the date printed on the package.

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