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Meet Your Co-Op Farmer: Donnie

Meet Your Co-Op Farmer: Donnie M


Before assuming the hallowed title of “Clam Farmer” Donnie lobstered in Maine, sold vacuum cleaners in Kentucky, and just about everything in between. He worked for Cherrystone Aqua-Farms for over 15 years loving on clam babies after they left the hatchery, but before they were large enough to make their way to your tables. His crew stuck with him for years, which we like to attribute to Donnie’s selfless work ethic. He would never ask anyone on his team to do something he wasn’t willing to do himself, and works alongside them daily. He recently started his own clam farm, and is one of our cooperative growers. 


Donnie has a deep affection for animals, bivalve or otherwise. He attributes it to his grandmother’s adoration of all things living (she raised goats, chickens, and ducks galore). Growing up, he would help her harvest hundreds of eggs daily, and grew and harvested over 5 acres of corn to feed her farm’s livestock. Donnie is working on starting his own farm and is excited to welcome home goats and a donkey or two to join his merry band of chickens, pigs, and more!


When he isn’t clamming or farming Donnie enjoys camping, playing softball and volleyball, and spending time with his family. He is a sweet, quiet soul with an affinity for tattoos (his first one he did himself!) and enjoys homeschooling his youngest son.


We’re lucky to have Donnie’s veteran waterman skills and intuition, and we know you’ll appreciate him as much as we do for playing such a large part in getting delicious clams from our boats to your doorsteps.