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Meet Your Farmer: Jeff

Meet Your Farmer: Jeff M

(Pictured from left to right: Jeff Conrow, Bubba Frisby - kickin' it old school with clam basket rakes)
There’s no doubt Jeff’s grown a lot of clams. How many, you ask?! We’d wager at least a billion… maybe more!
Born and raised right here on Virginia's lower eastern shore near Cape Charles, Jeff has worked with Cherrystone Aqua-Farms since 1991. Over those years he has spent countless hours navigating the bayside waters growing shellfish.
We dare you to spend some time with him, since he’s bound to share how his grandfather shaped his life on the water. It’s a story worth hearing, and he’s had YEARS to perfect it! Jokes aside, a local waterman’s lineage is taken seriously around here. There’s a certain pride associated with carrying on traditions and building upon the heritage cultivated on these waters.
He is proud to be an “Eastern Shoreman”. So proud, he tends not to go north of the closest stoplight to his house or far enough south to hit water (which isn’t very far).
When he isn’t clammin’ he’s preachin’ for a local church (clams stop growing and don’t need tending on Sundays, y’all). And as proud as he is about his history on the water and with Cherrystone Aqua-Farms, he still asserts that being a grandfather is his highest calling. And it’s fun for us to all call him PopPop! Keeps him young and honest.